PRD Construction. is an engineering and consulting firm specializing in project development, engineering design, construction management, start-up and optimization of oil and gas assets

OUR HANDS-ON APPROACH PRD Construction. is an oil and gas pipeline consulting firm providing project management, engineering, design, integrity management, SCADA programming, construction inspection and general consultation. Our company also provides operations consulting, regulatory compliance, due diligence and expert witness support to the oil and gas pipeline industry. PRD Construction was established in 2003, and has served over 40 clients on roughly 200 different projects.

Philip Reuben, President, and Michael Muller offers professional engineering credentials and over 25 years of experience focused exclusively on oil and gas pipeline engineering and operations. Other PRD Construction staff and associates offer similar pipeline operations and engineering expertise.

PRD Construction offers services in all areas of pipeline design, construction management, inspection, commissioning and operations optimization. We employ individuals with vast experience as pipeline owners and operators. This key difference sets us apart and enables us to provide superior solutions to meet client operating needs. PRD Construction has broad experience in the design, build and start-up of pipelines and pumping stations. We concentrate our efforts on creating solutions for pipeline operators.

PRD Construction takes a hands-on approach to assignments. PRD Construction employees and associates bring significant experience as owners/operators of pipeline companies, thus giving PRD Construction the owner’s perspective to more effectively serve clients. The operator’s view and personal ownership of projects are what differentiates PRD Construction from ordinary engineering companies. We take great pride and enjoyment from being in the field. Remote communications have proven ineffective to truly understand construction activities and issues which must be managed in real-time to achieve project goals. Our staff consists of ten to fifteen technical specialists. Employees and associates are hand-picked for their experience, expertise, integrity and self management capabilities.

CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT As a pipeline consulting firm, we never stagnate with industry strategies and technology. We are constantly searching for ways to improve our operation’s efficiency and cost effectiveness. We are a small company with significant capabilities. Our size lends us the benefit of more adaptation in the industry, more flexibility, creative ability to cater to each client’s specific needs and efficient overhead within our operations. We pride ourselves on a quick response time to communications and issues, and our specialty knowledge and self motivation make working with PRD Construction a pleasant and effective experience.

ENVIRONMENTAL AWARENESS At PRD Construction we design every project with integrity for environmental protection and lifespan of the design. Environmental impact and awareness are pivotal in our design decisions as we are outdoorsmen ourselves, with a personal commitment to preservation both on the job and at play. Every single undertaking will satisfy the ASME Code for Pressure Piping: B31, and the Code of Federal Regulations Title 49: Part 192 or Part 195. We have had two significant projects under the USEPA, in addition to successfully completing projects in difficult terrain throughout the United Kingdom. Our work with durable and reliable pipelines and affiliated systems help reduce the overall impact the oil and gas industry has on the environment by providing a transportation system that is both more efficient and safer.

  • Safety
    Our number one value at PRD Construction is the safety of our employees, subcontractors, owners and the general public.
  • Reliability
    We strive to deliver trustworthy and consistently reliable service. Not only can you count on our expertise, but our quality products, as well.
  • Commitment
    We are committed to you. Our service involves supporting our clients from the beginning of a project, and following through to the end.
  • Integrity
    We value honesty and strive to maintain a trustworthy business standard. At PRD Construction, what you see is what you get.
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